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[Her] Story

The Purpose

Stacy Manzano started Oh My Jane in July of 2017 after spending 1 year with a direct sales clothing company. During that year, she discovered her joy and passion for helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. She knew she had a purpose to fulfill and wanted to see it unfold for her children. Using all 4 of her children's names, she created the acronym "Jane" and the concept of Oh My Jane was born.

[Our] Mission

Love & Empowerment

Our mission is to offer the most beautiful hand-selected items at affordable prices, without quality being spared. But even more importantly, our purpose is to help women feel their ultimate beauty inside and out, when they look in the mirror. We want to show them the light they shine and give them hope and assurance that they are all making a difference in the world. If that happens by finding the perfect outfit than even better!

Why Shop OMJ

OMJ has amazing customer service, beautiful clothing and amazing deals.


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